MI Smart Weight Scale, 2nd Generation
Price RM50.20
Size (L x W x H) 28 cm x 28 cm x 2.2 cm
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MI Smart Weight Scale, 2nd Generation 

Accurate enough to detect you  drinking a glass of water



  • Size: 280mm * 280mm * 22mm
  • Net weight: 1200g
  • Weighing scale: 100g-150kg
  • Scale unit: Kilogram; Pound
  • Minimum scale:50g
  • Canning material: stalinite and ABS
  • Bluetooh: 5.0
  • Operation temperature: 0~40 degree centigrade
  • Power source: Three 1.5V AAA  battery


Product Description

  • High precision sensors, accurate perception of the body changes every day

The scale uses high-precision manganese steel sensors, which can accurately sense changes of up to 50g. Every meal you eat and every glass of water you drink can be easily quantified. Meanwhile, it offers two units, namely kilogram and pound, which can effectively help you to manage weight data in fine detail.


  • Mi Sports APP, draw your moving curve

Open MI sports APP, you can view the data anytime and anywhere, the curve of the body change record, clearly see their transformation process. It can also according to BMI (body mass index), fitness program and diet adjustment. At the same time, every time your weighing data will be uploaded to the cloud, automatically by the APP store.

  • Weight is not the lighter about good, the ideal weight is more healthy

The scale is equipped with the ideal weight measurement function. According to the data of height, age and BMI, it can only calculate the weight suitable for you, so that you don't have to lose weight blindly and lose weight too much for the sake of appearance


  • Intelligent analysis, automatic identification of each family member

The scale can automatically identify the family members according to the body data, and supports up to 16 members to share, realizing the sharing of the whole family. More can set the visitor mode, other measurement data no trace does not retain.


  • Hold the baby weighing, pay attention to the baby's growth bit by bit

The scale supports holding the baby and weighing. Parents weigh the baby alone once, then hold the baby in their arms and weigh the baby together to automatically get the baby's weight.Of course, you can also measure the weight of your pet in the same way.


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