M10 Grey Fingerprint Biometric Card Door Access Control System (10202100040401)
Price RM138.00
Size (L x W x H) 88 mm x 88 mm x 34 mm
Availability 1

It’s simple fingerprint door opener without record.
Keypad fingerprint door access control device without screen display.
Industrial-grade design, anti-static circuit to ensure the security, still suitable in strong static environment and thunder or lightning weather.
It’s standard version with 3 groups manager’s passwords and 8 groups passwords for user to open the door.
Completed offline application, no need to connect PC.
Can set up multi-periods to unlock the door.

REALAND M10 biometric card & fingerprint access control is a newly developed biometric fingerprint Access Control.
It is small in size and works standalone. Identification methods are pingerprint, password and card, or their combination.
With the capacity to store 500 pingerprint and card enrollment, is suitable for factories.